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“​ The cast was great throughout, but a special shout out to Ember Everett for her bring the house down performance as the Pea...No joke spoilers, but I am still singing The Pea’s song.”
-Matthew Latkiewicz

“Also, Ember is a phenomenal performer and needs her own TV show. I’m not joking about this, she is astounding as a singer, actor, and comedian.”
-Drew Petriello

“Shout-Out to Ember Everett for one of the most amazing character singing voices ever!” -Vivi Thai

“...the Pea was a hoot!” -Roberta Cruger

“The Pea/Margaret absolutely stole the show...” -Allyson Lazar

“Great energy and characters. My fave was the Princess and the Pea number.”

-Mimi Kmet

“All acting was great, especially the Pea/Margaret..” -Lucy Gillespie

“I also enjoyed Rosanna’s (Ember Everett’s) character as well. A role that is difficult to play- done with ease and made the show that much more enjoyable.”
-Martin Rodriguez

“Oliver Rotunno did a fantastic job as Edward. He also shared a beautiful chemistry with his partner and co-star Ember Everett (who played Rose), which did wonders for the story’s romantic elements.”
-Socks Whitmore

“I very much love the relations with Rosanna (Ember Everett) and Edward (Oliver Rotunno). They both clearly feel each others’ energy from one another and it definitely shows towards the audience....Ember Everett’s presence is so amazing. Very witty and funny she is with the way she presents herself and in her voice and expressions. And how she presents her character of how she feels in her beliefs and how she changes by the end is so real.”

-Rey Gonzalez

“​...Everett proves to have the musical chops to deliver the songs.” -Rob Stevens

The Drowsy Chaperone

“Jonathan Adler...has some good numbers with the ingenue Kitty, played with hysterical

abandon by Ember Everett.” -Pam Harbaugh

“Ember Everett finds the sweet spot to Sarah Brown and shines in her musical numbers,

especially,​If I were a bell.​” -Pam Harbaugh

“Everett is also memorable as the buttoned-down Midwest hausfrau who speaks in

rhyming couplets and who comes happily unhinged at the dinner party.” -Bill Hirschman

“​Ember Everett​ and Matt Wessel give fine performances as Princess Fiona and Lord

Farquaad respectively. Living locked in a tower for most of your life waiting for Prince Charming to come rescue you is bound to mess with a person's head, and Everett gives Fiona a nice crazy twitch to offset her dreams of fairytale romance and the steely resolve that all modern princesses must have.”

-Christi Esterie

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